Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pride Fest

A bit of explaining: This comes a little late for Gay Pride Month, I know, but I really wanted to do another gay-themed strip, especially with the news about DOMA being upheld by President Obama's Justice Department. Problem was, I had a hard time with this one because I didn't want it to come across as just a dry recitation of facts, especially coming from a hetero artist like myself.

So I was struggling with this, and then came the library crisis, which necessitated me doing something for that ASAP. And then came the death of Michael Jackson. And then came ComFest, for which I had something funny planned, but with the murder of a teenager at the event, I didn't think a funny strip would be appropriate. I was actually gonna have two strips in one week, but with all this other stuff happening, plus my inability to come up with something for the Pride strip... things got messy.

For this, though, I eventually decided to have CM step back and let a couple of new gay characters talk about DOMA instead, which makes much more sense to me.

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